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Challenging injustice
through media,
storytelling, and the arts.

what we do
Our Mission: A policy and media landscape that follows facts and makes decisions based on reason rather than fear. Enduring and transformative policy changes that actually achieve health, safety, and Justice.

our work


Zealous: Institute

Zealous skills up and convenes current and future legal practitioners, local and national advocates, and directly impacted leaders on storytelling, communications, and policy advocacy.


Zealous: Storytelling

Zealous builds award-winning, cutting-edge advocacy projects and campaigns that harness technology, arts, data, film, and firsthand storytelling to translate complicated issues into engaging formats


Zealous: Media Support

Zealous amplifies critical perspectives and voices by building relationships between local experts and advocates and media outlets to influence coverage and popular culture on issues of health and safety.


Zealous: Facilitation

Zealous builds bridges and strategic alignment between and among expected and unexpected national and local organizations, allies, and advocates.

our latest