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Tell more compelling stories.

The Challenge

For decades, lawmakers and the media have overlooked or intentionally disregarded the perspective, voice, and expertise of those closest to issues of health, safety, housing, education, poverty, and the criminal legal system. The result: The public and those in power continue to lack the imagination to call for something different, be too susceptible to sensationalism and fearmongering, and make decisions based on fear not reason.


Zealous works with public defenders, advocates, and people who are system impacted to harness:


Identify key allies and build trust to fight together.


Use multi-dimensional strategies to change laws.

Social Media

Harness new tools to raise awareness and drive action.

Traditional Media

Work with journalists to share the injustices we see.

New Media

Propel policy change with video, web, data, technology, and art.

Narrative Shifting

Command language to disrupt the status quo.


Communicate experiences for maximum impact.



Zealous listens and supports. We don’t “empower” or “give voice.” We provide opportunities for local partners to grasp their power and find the voice they always have had.


Zealous doesn’t invite ourselves into local jurisdictions or coalitions. We are always invited to do the work.


At Zealous arts are integral to this work and our process. Artists are not just hired guns. They are partners from the very beginning.


Given the half-century of fearmongering media, press, and politics that has driven mass incarceration, we don’t downplay the power of awareness.


Collaborative Advocacy means working intentionally and meaningfully in partnership on initiatives, in recognition of the fact that how we work matters as much as the work itself.

The Team

Scott Hechinger

Executive Director & Founder

Demetrius Titus

Deputy Executive Director

Crystal Maloney

Managing Director

Esul Burton

Chief of Staff and Policy Communications Strategist

Alexzandria Poole

Director of Defender Initiatives

Olayemi Olurin

Director of Media Advocacy

Jacqueline Williams

Regional and Prison Program Director

Pallavi Daga

Design and Experiences Director

Asia Johnson

Manager of Storytelling and Media Productions

Tanya Lozano

Local Organizing Lead

Kelsey Hill

Senior Designer

Khue Tran

Senior Associate, Policy and Organizing

Davis Rich

Senior Associate, Policy and Narrative

Aaron Woodhouse

Creative Communications Associate

Advisory Council

Alex Bunnin

Chief Defender

Harris County, Texas

Brendon Woods

Chief Defender

Alameda County, California

James Foreman

Writer, Former Public Defender, Professor

Yale Law School

Jonathan Rapping

Founder & Director

Gideon’s Promise

Josie Duffy-Rice

Journalist & Lawyer

President of The Appeal

Khalil Cumberbatch

Chief Strategist

New Yorkers United for Justice

Lara Bazelon

Professor, Writer Advocate

University of San Francisco School of Law

Meena Harris

Activist and Founder

Phenomenal Woman Campaign

Rabia Chaudry

Advocate, Author, & Podcaster


Raj Jayadev


Silicon Valley De-Bug

Samuel Sinyangwe

Data Scientist, Policy Analyst, & Activist

Founder of Campaign Zero

Soledad O’Brien

Journalist, Author, & Philanthropist



Zealous is at an extraordinary moment of growth and potential impact. In the position(s) linked below, you will find an overview of our work and job descriptions. Please share these listings widely with your networks.

Design Internship

Zealous is looking to add stunningly creative and highly motivated design interns with hands-on art and design education and/or experience. You have the skills of working on brand identity and UX design projects, have typographic knowledge and skills of application, a passion for the actual user experience and journey, and the ability to help with Zealous design projects to the best of your ability. Read more →

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. To apply, please send a resume, a portfolio of design work and letter of interest stating clear the position you are interested in to